October 20, 2012

Brownsville Sheriff: Old Cementerio Antiguo Voted Worst Place in the County to Purchase Drugs.

Sheriff Lucio has been working hard in showing Mexican and Argentinian Nationals that are interested in investing in the Valley that Cameron County is a drug free zone and it will cater to their business and jobs needs in any way possible.  The Mayor of Brownsville has been catering with Colombian and Mexican Nationals to invest their money to create new jobs venues for the Valley while offering the best route possible for out of the area investors to locate and buy the cheapest industrial land in the county to start new businesses, arts centers and new jobs for the expected 230 Colombian, Argentinian and Mexican entrepreneurs that are expected to arrive to the Valley next year.  Cameron County officials have stated that Old Cementerio Antiguo is going to be closed to the public and voted it "The Worst Location to Purchase Narcotics" in the lower Rio Grande Valley.  Second on the list as worst location possible to administer or buy drugs was the Darcy Building and The New Student Union Area that has just gone through extensive remodeling via TSCTS.  

The Mayor of Brownsville and our own Sheriff Lucio want to shut down any illegal activity that may surface in the area of Old Cementerio Antiguo and the Brownsville's own Historical Association is going to be cancelling cleanups and spirits offerings and tastings in order to clean up the downtown area from junkies and established a new and cleaner way to deal and administer the narcotics to cater the new residents of the Valley that promise to help the community with the opening of new jobs and a new way of Brownsville Living.

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