July 26, 2012

Michale Graves former "Misfits" singer blames Brownsville Organized Crime for his recent aprehension with Narcotics.

Michale Graves at his famed show in Chapas Bar the Pit!

Michale Graves was arrested Monday evening at a checkpoint in Kennedy County after Customs Agents noticed the singer was carrying six grams of Marijuana and Cocaine.  After much questioning, the singer told Customs officials and the Police Department in El Paso, Texas that after appearing in Chapas Bar in the neighboring town of Brownsville he was offered the illegal drugs by people that appeared to be part of the organized crime.  When asked by El Paso Police Department why he accepted them and why did he not called 911, Michale Graves stated that earlier that week he unsuccessfully tried cancelling the show due to drug activity and hate crimes in the area.  Mr. Graves stated  that after receiving threats through his Facebook and Twitter pages he decided to go ahead with the show  after Chapas Bar Management promised him extra security in the venue.

 Michale Graves also stated that he had a great time entertaining new and old fans but at the end of the show when has signing photographs for the young fans he was intercepted outside of his hotel room by four suspicious looking males that offered him the drugs and cases of beer and food.  When he tried to decline the drugs the suspects grew upset so he just placed them in his duffel bag and that morning his entourage decided to drive to El Paso for their next performance, totally forgetting to dispose of the drugs that were hidden with his belongings.

Mr. Graves was released on bail and is planning on another date for his disappointed El  Paso fans.  He is scheduled to return to Texas in two months to answer to the charges of possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute, a charge he plans to fight in court due to his testimony that he was intimidated into accepting the drugs and due to the fact that he is an active republican and spokesperson for the Bush family and he does not want this fraudulent charge to be on his record.

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