September 20, 2012

Politiqueras Determined not to Stop: Business as usual and charting new Buses

South-most Bus Rentals is a small family business owned by the Hernandez's and Gutierrez's of Cameron County.  Erick L. Hernandez sat down with the Brownsville Monitor earlier this week and discussed the possibilities  that South-most Bus Rentals will offer to the citizens of Cameron and Willacy County.  Erick stated that the charter routes were not available last County elections because they were still dealing with some issues in the purchasing of the vehicles and proper registering of the business in Cameron County.  Mr. Hernandez stated to the Brownsville Monitor that, "We are excited of our grand opening next month, we will be able to offer charter bus rentals to the residents of Cameron County that want to be involved in the next BISD Board Elections and meetings for the cost of $8.00 dollars round trip for each individual that signs up for the trip.  We are also considering a  50% rebate for senior citizens that attend Adult Day Cares  throughout the Valley whenever elections are being held in Cameron, and Willacy Counties.

When asked about the possibility of charting the buses to senior citizens a midst last months corruption scandals involving kidnapping of senior citizens that were forced to go and cast votes towards specific candidates, Mr. Hernandez stated that either way most of the families in the area do not possess the means necessary to transport their elders, and that they are not worried about the past elections or future election scandals, "What matters is that our elders are transported safely from and to the meetings and poll stations, the rest is not our concern".

South-most rentals are located in 346 German Street near Porter High School and they will be offering free rides for Senior Citizens the whole month of October, the buses are equipped with a restroom, DVR system and HD 42 inches Plasma Screens, after casting their votes the passengers will be required to submit their ballots to the drivers of each bus and afterwards they will be able to enjoy the amenities offered in the ride.

The ballots are going to be collected at the end of the day and Mr. Hernandez promises to deliver them first hand to the proper voting authorities.

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