July 28, 2012

Oregon investigators: Jesse Cutlip Murderer or Hoax?

The Oregon Police Department are having serious doubts regarding Jesse Cutlip confession of murdering four females in the late seventies in their home state.

This comes to a surprise to South-most PD that for the past two weeks has been giving out interviews in the local media and patting themselves in their backs on being able to capture a serial killer in their hometown.

Oregon Detectives are baffled that Mr. Cutlip was arrested early April because he failed to register as a sex offender and the Southmost PD failed to give them the heads up that a criminal with a lengthy criminal record was living out of their State and violating his parole.  The Southmost PD has not been able to answer to the public and the State of Oregon why they let Jesse Cutlip out on bail if he was never charged with any offense in the first place and why they did not checked up on him when he was clearly living close to an Elementary school and children. 

Oregon detectives now believe that Mr. Cutlip testimony might have been fabricated by investigators at Southmost PD and that Jesse Cutlip just got fed up living in poverty and without his medications and drugs. Jesse Cutlip has not been charged with any crime, but Oregon PD is taking this sudden confession seriously despite serious contradictions from South-most PD.  They were able to match one crime with two pieces of evidence that Mr. Cutlip explained in his candid confession and are hopeful to extradite Mr. Cutlip back to Oregon next month to formally interview him and prosecute him if he is in fact guilty of two  cold cases of murders in the home State.

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