November 6, 2012

Morrissey a no show, just like we predicted it would be..

Just as we predicted some months ago, famed singer Morrissey has decided last minute to "postpone" the already doomed and faked dates that would have been the delight of thousands of  South Texans that   in the past would have not had the money or  means of transportation to see him live out of the Rio Grande Valley. It was reported that the singer is cancelling his North America tour due to illness to his fragile octogenarian mother, but sources close to the artist have stated that in fact morrissey is back in England due to the fact that he recently purchased a goat farm and as we all know, being a famous and passionate animal activist, he is in fact tending to this project instead of completing the last leg of his tour.

Morrissey expressed in the past that he never intended to perform in Pharr, Texas, or the City of Austin, following a televised interview where the Governor of Texas refers to him as a "legend" and a " nasty bloke that cares more about animals than his fans". Morrissey and his entourage were denied entry to the  State Capital last year and the singer vowed never to returned.  Sources close to the singer family stated via Facebook that morrissey planned the whole event in advance because he is still bitter at the politician but that he does plan to return to Texas to sing his hits to his ever growing and adoring fans.

We told you so, remember??

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