August 21, 2012

Cameron and WIllacy County to pardon Traffic and Parking Violation tickets over Labor Day Weekend.

Seven hundred Cameron and Willacy County residents and employees will be given an opportunity this coming Labor Day Weekend to settle old and recent Traffic and Parking Violation Tickets if they submit to a drug test and online survey at Cameron County Courthouse. Participants will be asked to fill up an online survey of 50 questions and submit to a drug test and voluntarily register their information and mugshot in the local BPD.

Participants that wish to clear tickets of over $500 dollars will be ask to also give a minimum of $50.00 dollars donations to any of the following locations:

  •  Walifa Car Wash. 
  •  Veterans Memorial Bridge Union. 
  •  Majestic Incorporated.
  •  UT Student Union.
  •  ITTEC West Fronton Campus. 

 For more information regarding this event and for rules and guidelines to apply, residents and Cameron and Willacy County employees can log in to Cameron Work website.

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