October 18, 2012

Southmost PD encouraging Cameron County residents to turn in Guns inexchange for Past Due Warrants.

South most PD is hosting an event encouraging Cameron and Willacy residents that have outstanding warrants to voluntarily surrender any firearms in their possession November 23rd before Judge Neexce to be exonerated of past due warrants and be able to post a recognized bail with a minimum required probation. In order to qualify for a 25 dollar gift certificate courtesy of Ryan Wolf's he'll kitchen and to win a unique charro days sombrero, Southmost PD is asking for the public to donate their fire weapons and be able to produce prof of address, or recent snap or wic eligibility
Cards and submit the appropriate applications on or before the 23 rd of next month at their current location in Southmost avenue or you can visit their website: www.suckmygunsputhmost.com.

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