November 7, 2012

Texas next in ballot to legalize Marijuana sale and consumption.

Colorado and Washington are in the news today, they have cleared a ballot that will let adults twenty-one years and over to grow, sell and smoke marijuana without the need of a medical license or underlying illness.  This morning the State of Texas Representatives announced that they too, want to legalize the commercial value and medical value that marijuana will bring to their citizens, citing that it will end the never ending battle with Mexico drug lords and produce a much welcome number of jobs and income for its poor and failing population.

Texans Governors are willing to go out on a limb and support the consumption, distribution and legalization of this highly discussed drug while stating the benefits to the State. They intend to woo the Federal Government into letting them plant, produce and distribute legally so programs like Medicaid, Medicare and SNAP can still provide services to the millions of Texans that year after year apply for such benefits and are in welfare. The Texas Senate is aware of this multi-million dollars a year enterprise and the benefits that over 234,000 unemployed citizens could be getting if marijuana use and distribution is allowed by law.

Texans will be able to know if they join the States of Colorado and Washington next weekend when the results are in.  You can contact your local voting authority for more information of how you can bring this cause to light and legalize it!.

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  1. Where is this coming from? I can't find any info on this? Is this legit news?