August 14, 2012

Brownsville Social Museum to Host "Noches Calientes of Downtown"

The Brownsville Association of Arts and Culture with the help of the  Brownsville Museum are hosting a weekend long event entitled "Noches Calientes of Downtown" where citizens 21 years of age  and older can recreate the long lost debauchery nights that Brownsville used to offer when the Downtown District was blooming with casinos and fancy saloons.  Museum manager and  curator Xavier Bernal is going to be giving an amusing lecture to all attendants about the glory days of the Civil War where Brownsville was used by the Confederate to smuggle goods like cotton and booze into Mexico and the local Baghad Port.

This event promises to recreate the great era of Saloons and legal prostitution and it will give the attendants a glimpse into the past of Brownsville.  For $35 dollars, Curator Xavier Bernal will talk about the good old days in the good old South where prominent families were getting shot and murdered all over Elizabeth Street, he then will walk you through the alleys and old Buildings in the Downtwon District and pose for photographs with downtown famous skid row characters that will sit down with the attendants in famous "La Movida" nightclub.  Mr. Bernal will display photographs and video of famous prostitutes that once roamed the streets of West Brownsville as  well as displays of  family heirlooms and photographs of convicted felons that left a mark in this old city.  To end the night, they will be allowed to take photographs of old watering holes like "La Movida" and "Dominos Club" and they will enjoy the company of old ladies of the night, that will dance with them for the charge of five dollars while musical guests "Los Cadetes de Nuevo Leon" play in the background.

This Event will take place on August 25th starting at  5:00 p.m.  For more information on this event, please contact the Brownsville Casa Museum and the Maxwell Saloon at (956) 345.6789. 

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