October 20, 2012

How to build a small wooden structure in a few easy days.

 First plan and prepare your area. Try to look for a flat area with few trees and shrubs that what will require removal perhaps next to trees or bushes would be a good idea if you wish to use their foliage for shade. Then start to prepare your first supply list. What type of foundation will you use? Concrete or wood? Either way let's get going! Get into your truck and head towards Home Depot. Make sure and get a cart from the parking lot as many times there are not carts inside the store. Fill up your cart with as many supplies as you can while keeping in mind your budget goals. Return to the job site with the supplies. Unload the supplies and after a small break start hammering supplies together. Continue until either the sunset or you become tired. In the morning wake up and drink some coffee. Hopefully you have completed the foundation phase by now. Return to Home Depot with your list of supplies needed for the framework of your small wooden structure. Once again fill up your truck with supplies while keeping in mind any budget restraints. Return to the job site and once again begin assembling supplies. Hopefully you have at least one helper today. There are many designs for small wooden structures. Use your imagination! Continue work on the frame of the small wooden structure throughout the day while using your helper as a gopher to retrieve things that you may have forgotten to buy from Home Depot. Wow what a day! With your frame completed your small wooden structure is finally starting to come together. How does it look? Well it's too late to worry about that now. It's the last phase outdoor sheathing and of course the roof. Small wooden structures come in many shapes and sizes. So whether you're just looking to get out of the house or you need a place to store your expensive lawn equipment enjoy your small wooden structure!

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