July 8, 2012

Long lost Brother of Judge Nietszche Found Alive and Well in Southmost

"Jesse" famous reputable character of Southmost city lights, arrived in town during the weekend back from rehab from the middle west, and excited to be reunited with his long lost brother Judge Nietzsche.  This comes to a surprise because the downtown area saw them play live hits like "born on the bayou" and "woman" in the now extinct Crooked Moon, without realizing they were related.  Jesse is currently staying in a fancy apartment building that was recently confiscated by the Federal Government, as we all remember famous Governor Yarrinton, saw potential in Southmost town and he decided to build a lovely, state of the art luxury apartment complex generously funded by the citizens of Tamaulipas set to be available to the public in January 2013.

Southmost Monitor own reporter Azlo Rodriguez was contacted earlier this week by the musician and after a tear jerker session over the phone that lasted twenty minutes, decided to contact watch dog leader Mr. Biggie Castro, who decided to write a check to the famed musician to cover all of his expenses including lodging at the recognized complex.

We ask the people of Southmost to  help with donations, and food and klonapan supplies and to directly mailed them to Mr. Biggie Castro at Elysium park Street  so we can help Jesse stay in town longer than expected so he can reunite again with his brother and hopefully they can play some good old jazz or rock n roll at Shakers Bar grand re-opening this August 8th.  Reporter Rodriguez has tried unsuccessfully to locate Judge Nietzsche and inform him of this impending reunion and  hopeful musical collaboration of two great guitar players from the valley that never knew they were brothers from the same mother.

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