July 16, 2012

Judge Nietzsche denies existence of estranged brother and blames illegal aliens on raising crime spree in Soutmost area.

Judge Nietzsche latest rant to the So-utmost Monitor did not sit well with the Cameron area public when he explicitly denied the existence of runaway "Jesse" as his estranged brother also stating that he will not support him to run for JP in next years elections.  The Judge was asked by reporters Friday night at International Palm Airport about his refusal in reuniting with his estranged brother and why was he leaving the Country abruptly after the media got wind of this, the Judge flat out denied ever meeting or "jamming" with skid-row best Jesse and seemed upset that people are willing to help a criminal get in contact with him and run for Justice of Peace.

"It seems ridiculous that Cameron residents are stalking me with this nonsense, i have never met this individual in my life, i do not know who he is and of course that i am not going to give him my support and help to run for JP, that is ridiculous!.

Several officials have questioned Judge Nietzsche about the ever escalating rise of  crime and are   growing weary and  suspicious of his abilities in office. Judge Nietzsche has been criticized by Cameron residents and officials for his blunt response:  "People from across are the ones to blame, Border Patrols agents are not doing their job in handling with care the giving out of Visas and not performing grueling backgrounds checks on all individuals that are here legally in the Valley.  As for the escalating crime rate, there is so much i can do in office, i am a competent judge and i respect my job, but i notice that the crimes committed are not of people that reside here legally, in any case is their fault because they do not posses a sense of right and wrong and their cultural background is one of poverty and violence".

In the meantime, you can help with donations to Jesse and support his campaign in getting recognized as a honorable member of this community, contacting Brownsville Chisme page at FB, Mr. Cornelio Castro has set up an account to help with Jesse ever growing  medical and living expenses.

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