July 9, 2012

Former Commisioner Agustin Villareal to open first "Drug Free" Car Wash in the Southmost Area.

Former South most Commissioner Agustin Villarreal announced today to the South Monitor that he will be opening the first "Drug Free" car wash in the Valley in the Southmost area on August 18th. When asked about the slogan of it being the first car wash in the valley that offers families and car owners this peculiar request, he simply stated that car owners came up to him in his last year of working for the city and over and over again he heard the same concern and listened to the same complaint: citizens were fed up and wanted a car wash that will offer them cheap detailing, will keep the street drug dealers away from their cars but at the same time offer safe ways to acquire the goods without having to pay off the police or the car wash owners and managers.

 The car wash is set to be open to the public on August 18th and for the affordable price of twenty- five dollars you can get your car detailed and waxed and also either a female or male escort can accompany you and your guests to respectable stash houses where you can get the best deals in town without having to deal with the authorities. The car wash is also equipped to offer "drug free" clients the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing car wash without the harassment of street junkies that usually roam state of the art car washes in wall street. At all times either the Supervisor or car wash attendants will escort the clients to their cars and offer them security and a "no hassle" experience in this state of the art car wash and  also city employees will be offered a 20% discount in their first visit and recipients of SNAP bbenefits will be given a 50% off their 2nd and 3rd goods purchase by the official stash house.

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