July 26, 2012


The residents of the Rio Grande Valley have been noticing since yesterday in the Facebook news-feed the adorable face of Miss. Cayetana Hernandez. In several pictures you can notice that she is surrounded by loving friends and family and enjoying a meal with her close friends

. If you would like to help take a minute in reading the story and please pay attention to the picture and details. Contact the local Police Department or the family, lets help Miss Hernandez find her way with her family and friends. ..

 Original Caption on the photo:

 This is my grandmother Cayetana Hernandez. She goes by Anita. She has been missing since yesterday. Last seen on Robindale road in Brownsville, Texas around 2:45pm. She was supposed to pick up my aunt at Dillard's at 6pm but never arrived. She was driving and older model Buick Century silver in color. Please contact me, Brownsville PD or Ethel Logan at 9565422442 or 9565908850. A police report has been filed, a silver alert had been placed and we have checked with local hospitals. She was wearing a blue, flowery dress with black shoes and a beige fedora. License plate on car is W96FXV.

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