July 21, 2012

Titusville Florida: New Home for Space X!

Over the past several months, the cities of Brownsville, Puerto Rico and recently, the Florida Keys have been using media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to impress mega multi millionaire Elon Musk, founder of Space X to invest in their city and choose one of them for a coveted contract in building a state of the art Rocket Launch Site.

City Officials, Local Commissioners and Real Estate Brokers, have, over the course of several months, raised public awareness in the citizens of each town, trying to generate  mass acceptance of the project so the public could be aware that landing the contract with Space X would generate good paying jobs, and an major boom in Local Real Estate.

The cities were up for grabs for the contract for the past seven months, and each of them displayed a great deal of support to welcome Space X representatives that were invited new  to major public forums where they openly explained to the public the benefits of allowing a major aerospace corporation to choose their town for their new Rocket Launch Pad site with the promise of over 1,000 news jobs with an estimated yearly income of $45,000.

Space X announced Friday morning that Titusville, Florida had won the coveted contract and alerted the media that its in plans of constructing and  hiring personnel in the months of April and June of 2013.  As we all remember this famed Space City had showed an alarming decline in jobs  and  real estate due to NASA cancelling all aerospace and shuttle programs last year.   Over 2,000 qualified Engineers, Physicists and Contractors, relocated from the area in search of potential jobs while over a 1,000 individuals  struggled to keep secure work in the area. 

Space City is ecstatic with the good news and it is going to start reconstruction work on its area in the coming months of August and November to be ready for the arrival of the Space X crew due in April 2012.  Applicants can contact their local Workforce office January 24th of 2013 for more information in over the 1,200 jobs openings and qualifications necessary for the applying process for Space X.

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