July 15, 2012

Sightings of UFO in downtown Brownsville Terrorizes St Charles Residents.

Frantic phone calls  to 911 overwhelmed dispatchers in the Cameron County area for over forty-five minutes and they all the same complaint: during the recent lighting storm that lasted 25 minutes, a UFO was seen by multiple residents in the Downtown and ST. Charles area of Brownsville. Police dispatchers ignored the concerns but eventually set down to drive around historic Palm Boulevard and adjacent Elizabeth and St. Charles street were they were able to witness, that amidst the lighting storm  a metallic object flew low between the clouds and disappear as soon as the rays of lighting touched the ground.

Heriberto Carrizales, Preacher at Iglesia Bautista was closing up the building when he too noticed the objects hoovering on top of his famous church: "I started praying, and i looked down because it terrified me that i have witnessed an event that for a split second made me doubt about my faith, my culture and the teachings that i offer to fellow baptists in town".

No word yet if the UFO sighting is related to Tom Cruise impending visit to the Valley to inaugurate a new Scientology church in the area of Penitas.

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