July 20, 2012

BPD to cancel Market Festivities over the weekend due to Drug Cartel presence in Southmost

BDP released a statement today that it will cancel the third annual  Market Square Festival until further notice due to increase drug cartel crime in the area of South-most.  This news comes to no surprise to the citizens of this town, that in recent days have been witnesses to increase kidnapping and murders for hire in the area as well as lack of protection from law enforcement entities in the County.

Law enforcement officials stated that they have not been able to offer security and well being to the residents of So-utmost, and that what is making their job more difficult is that we are located so close to Mexico.  They stated in their press release that they are willing to work close together with the Border Patrol Department in studying the recent surge of Mexican Residents that daily cross the Borders and hoping that the Federal Government will let them conduct a more thorough background check on every single one of the recipients of either residency card or Visa to be able to pinpoint people that are set legally to work and reside in this Country, from people that have a criminal past or dubious social background that might just want to infiltrate the Country to commit crimes.

In the mean time, all the vendors and people participating in the event where informed via Facebook and email of the change of plans and BPD is going to be conducting random car searches in the area of downtown to rule out any surprise attack or kidnapping in the area.

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