July 18, 2012

Lucio Family Indicted in Recent Human Smuggling In Boca Chica Beach

Erlinda y Montiel Lucio were indicted today in Cameron Court for 34 counts of illegal alien smuggling across the Rio Bravo into American soil.  This news is a non pleasant surprise to former Commissioners and JP of the County that for decades have been helping this family in their illegal activities and contraband without no ill consequences.

JP Lorenia Mendoza informed today to the South-most Monitor that over the course of five years they have gathering information, videotape and audio evidence from the family and friends of the Lucio's, installing surveillance cameras in their several car lots and rental offices hoping to gather enough information about their illegal activities to be able to guarantee a warrant for their arrest and bring them to the DA office to be punished for their crimes.

Several members of the Lucio family in the Palm Area are known in the county for being Lawyers and participating in events as Fiestas del Carpintero and Sponsoring Rotary Trips all over Europe.  Some twelve years ago they were involved in a serious fatal human trafficking case where twelve undocumented Hondurenos lost their life working in their well known Sugar Cane fields, but the JP and DA of the time let them go with a swift slap on the wrist when the evidence gathered against them disappeared in Court. Known lawyer Arleth Arias was not able to produce the evidence against them including verbal and photographic evidence of the remaining living family members that reported to the Border Patrol and local police the killings and heinous abuse their suffered in the plantation. Attorney at Law Arleth Arias swiftly lost all the evidence and proceeded to cash in on a good deal of money and lease out her spacious offices located in Four Corners soon after the dismissal of charges against Patriarch Montiel Lucio.

The DA office was proud to announce that after careful surveillance and gathering of information they were able to stop the ongoing smuggling this past Friday of 34 citizens of Vistamar by well known Erlinda and Montiel Lucio.  Agents where able to videotape how the illegal aliens, after being groomed and washed were loaded in several vehicles that were hidden in Boca Chica. The caravan of cars were stopped in the adjacent check point and Border Patrol were able to arrest them and lead them to the County Jail where Erlinda and Montiel Lucio await trial and indictment after years and years of spreading lies and crime in the Palm Area.

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