July 11, 2012

Jesse estranged brother of Judge Nietzsche to run for City Commision endorsed by Pena Nieto

Jesse, estranged brother to Judge Nietzsche is seeking the position of  City Commissioner in next years elections, and its baffled that his long lost brother has not set a date to meet and talk about his running for office in the County.  Judge Nietzsche has not admitted or denied to the media that the wayward flashy character is in fact related to him, but silence speaks volumes and instead he has posted in his FB page that he is gladly planning a week long trip to Spain with his two daughters and members of his famed rock n roll band before the end of summer.

Friends and family of  Judge Nietzsche are appalled about his lack of concern for his famous musician brother, even so after seeing them both perform live in the  now extinct crooked moon cantina. They are baffled that the Judge will not be supporting him when he runs for office and do not understand why he is being silent about the whole matter.

Jesse is asking for the citizens of south-most to support him in his endeavor of reconnecting with his estranged sibling and better yet to help him reach his goal of holding and securing the City Commission position in a County and a town where mere simpletons and crooks can run for office, get hold of grants and BMW's and more importantly, secure a nice paying job without having to sweat for it, politiqueras can do that for mere five dollars an hour.

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