July 3, 2012

Famous Wiz-alifa Car Wash Under Survellaince After Major Drug Deal Discovered on Tape

Southmost, Texas own Wiz-alifas famous car wash has been under surveillance by the Federal Goverment and Southmost own Police Department after a video tape of Cameron employees dealing cocaine and marijuana was uploaded via youtube seven months ago, showing the prominent car wash being the major scene where county workers were substances under the guise of washing and detailing their vehicles.

As we all remember some months ago, two major Brownsville police officers  were busted in the act of selling and holding 100 pounds of cocaine, and when sent to trial, their charges were "miracously" dropped by prominent Judge Nietszche that even allowed them to open the first medical marijuana shop in the Vallley.  The DA is denying that any investigation of any sort is being performed by the Federal Goverment , stating that the accusatios are ridiculous, and that the video in cuestion has since been deleted from Youtube.  The Southmost Se Monitor has proof of the video and is intending to post it on their Facebook page this 4th of July Holiday, in fact, it posted a poll in the famous social media site, encouraging residents to vote for the video to be  made public, where you can clearly witness promiment County officials buying packets of marijuana and enjoying some cocaine under the guise of detailing their new model cars.

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