July 5, 2012

Space X confirms plans to start building new launchpad April 2013 at Boca Chica Beach.

Space X has been cleared by the Texas Environmental Commission and is planning in building a new launch pad in remote Boca Chica Beach in the city of Brownsville, Texas. As we all know, Space X had been ogling the small tract of land South of Border with the City of Matamoros, Tamaulipas for over five months, also stating that Puerto Rico and the State of Florida were in the fight of winning the sought after project that will bring excellent revenue and jobs for the people involved with the project.

Cameron County Commissioners and few realtors have been in favor of the  project since the beggining, trying to get the citizens of Brownsville to vote for the petition of Space X coming to the Valley and either leasing or buying the 14 miles of habitat called Boca Chica Beach. They stated in their  Facebook fan pages  and in board meetings that the City of Brownsville will be booming with people that work for the company, hence renting more properties, and buying more groceries, and all this is beneficial for the citizens of this town, because HEB and Walmart and Walgreen's were going to be opening jobs for common folk like you and me. Oh, they also stated that people getting hired by the company get paid $35,000 a year and if they get paid well, the housing industry in town will be happy to  help all those  Engineers and Physicists to settle into comfortable homes and apartments in lovely neighborhoods.

Space X is scheduled to start building their pad in the  next coming months, the access to Boca Chica Beach is scheduled to be closed for one year starting this November, for the famed residents that live near the lovely habitat, famous Brownsville Realtor Greg Lonesome has issued them with a warning to leave their properties by August 1st and showing them that Cameron County in conjunction with the Supreme Court has all the right to take away their properties and relocating them to local motels in town, paying for their stay for the next five months and gladly helping them get cheap housing and food stamps to help them ease the inconvenience of losing their homes due to the launch pad. The beach will remained closed for the public until further notice and all illegal aliens crossing trough Boca Chica Beach and the Rio Grande River will be shot by Special Agents that already have permission to do so without no retaliation from the Mexican Government or by future elected president Enrique Pena Nieto that signed the paperwork last week.

Welcome to the Valley Space X!

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