July 14, 2012

Motorcycle Gang Terrorizes Downtown Brownsville by Defacing Heaven Bar and Grill

Richard  Martinez, owner of Downtown's famous "Heaven" Bar and Grill got a call from his security agent Lopez Velarde early this Friday the 13th, and the news were not welcomed:  his new and improved bar and grill had suffered major damage in its front door and windows and also extensive graffiti damage on the inside and outside walls sometime between 12:30 a.m and 4:00 in the morning.  Security cameras were able to record footage of about nine individuals riding Harley S porters and Shadow Motorcycles as the ones responsible for the damage. Mr Martinez is asking for the audience help on identifying the crooks that targeted his business and made him close his bar and grill until further notice.

Eyewitnesses recall seeing the gang of motorcycle riders driving loudly and rapidly through downtown early Thursday and late Friday morning, and several neighbors near the  bar indeed called 911 to report the vandals but no police squad cars ever passed by or acknowledge the riders.  Gonzalo Hernandez was working the midnight shift at the downtown fire station and he called his fellow deputies because he was concerned that the riders were passing by fast  and failing to yield at stop signs and drinking alcohol in front of beloved Putegniant Elementary.  Brownsville Monitor decided to contact Sheriff Erick Lusio about the matter and received the same response: no call or complaint was received but they do have possession of the videotape and they are going to study it frame by frame and arrest the vandals that scandalize this sleepy town for one hell of a Friday the 13th night.

The motorcycle gang bandits are responsible for over 35,000 dollars in damages to Heaven Bar and Grill and also we learned today, that Iglesia Bautista del Este also presented a complaint of multiple graffiti in their doors, as well as video depicting the gang relieving themselves in their multiple parking lots and fountain.

The gang is noted to wear super tight leather vests with "Brownsville Corridor" visibly and perfectly stitched in the back, and eyewitnesses reported them as speeding rapidly toward palm boulevard and breaking abruptly at every red light, grabbing the attention of multiple drivers while their wheels veered uncontrollably due to the high speeds and naive driving.

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