July 22, 2012

Katie Holmes to donate funds to the Church of Scientology as part of Divorce Plea

Friends and Family of actress Katie Holmes have informed the media, that she is in talks with representatives of the Church of Scientology in order to make a considerable donation as part of her divorce proceedings with actor Tom Cruise.

This does not come to a surprise to Miss Holmes lawyers that have stated that she will do anything in her power to be able to secure sole and physical custody of the couples daughter Suri Cruise.  Tom Cruise has recently wrapped up a movie in Iceland and was spotted in New York City spending some quality time with Suri, while surprisingly agreeing to Holmes request of relocating to New York with their daughter and letting Suri enroll in a private Catholic School in the coming month of Septmber.  Friends and family have stated to the media, that all of this comes with a great price: Katie Holmes has reportedly returned all the gifts and jewelry she received from Tom Cruise during their marriage ascending to over 6 million dollars and has given up several houses and real estate that were under her name and Suri Cruise.

Miss Holmes is expected to make a sizable donation to the Church of Scientology in the amount of 12 million dollars in the span of ten years and publicly apologize to the Church for the bad publicity that it has been receiving in the past couple of weeks when the media found out about the impending divorce between her and famous Actor/Scientologist advocate Tom Cruise.

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