June 30, 2012

Movida Night Club to relocate to new "Half Moon Bar" courtesy of George Martinez.

George Martinez, promoter and supporter of Mock "Latin Jazz Day" festivals and meat markets in downtown Brownsville, has recently acquired a beer and wine license and is planning on opening the "Half Moon" a new trendy bar where the old Crescent Moon used to be located, as we all remember,   famous dubious Mr. Nietzsche and bureaucrats enjoying their wines and twenty minutes solos of hits by the Doors and Grand Funk.  .

Mr. Martinez saw potential in the old patrons and huapangos players of the old " La Movida" bar and club, and he recently hired the old matrons that run the bar and started posting in their old walls that they are invited to the grand opening of the new and improved "La Movida" nightclub and grill that will offer them spacious bathrooms where they can easily and without danger exchange their controlled substances and a lounge area where the famed prostitutes and drug  dealers will be able to offer to the old and new clientele cheap ways of getting high without the threat of law enforcement barging in.  Also in the works at the new bar, is a new patio area where carriers of medical marijuana ids will be able to purchase the cannabis and enjoy a night of raunchy huapangos, old couples necking, one dollar lone star while they embrace the fever of the music that is native and real to the region of Brownsville, Texas and not that crap of Latin Jazz or Pop that he so valiantly promoted throughout  the city for the past two years.

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