March 6, 2013

Tony "Tormenta" Martinez Brownsville Mayor mauled by Doberman

Tony Tormenta has been rushed to Valley Baptist Medical Center in Mcallen, Texas due to being mauled earlier this afternoon by a stray doberman.  It all happened when the Mayor was leaving his downtown office and was approached by an individual that asked him for some money, when the entourage of the mayor and his personal assistant refused to help the panhandler the dog that was with the man  mauled and aggressively attacked the mayor causing several facial lacerations as well as ripping out his left testicle.  Eyewitness to the scene claimed the man is a famed crack head addict that roams the streets of West Brownsville and lately has been seeing walking around with a skinny brown doberman.  Brownsville PD is asking for the public assistance in spotting this individual and the canine and to please contact the local police department with any information regarding this person that may lead to his arrest.  The man and the canine are considered dangerous.  One eyewitness captured the attack on his cellphone here is the link of the attack:


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