March 14, 2013

Bus loads of African Males Headed to Brownsville Tx To protest

Busloads of African-American males make their way down to the Mexican Grandare vally tonite to protest what they call discrimination by lack of representation. As one smart young black leader Marcene Marks put it this way." Well that's just the thing we are not sure why there are no African Americans in the Brownsville Texas area what kind of discrimination is this that's what we intend to find out"

busloads of African-American males make their way from throughout this country places far away from the Mexican American border faraway places such as Atlanta Georgia Little Rock Arkansas St. Louis Missouri "we heard it wasnt but a bunch of Mexicans down there and that dont seem right. We the black people were everywhere today." The mayor of Brownsville Texas Tony the tormentor Martinez said he planned to meet the young colors at the edge of town as they arrive with his deputies in order to give them a warm welcome.


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