March 3, 2013

Crack Head Community in Brownsville, Texas upset with Charros Day Festivities.

                                          CRACKHEAD PARANOIA WHEN THEY ARE HIGH.

The crack head community that mostly populates the downtown area and the west of Brownsville are going to be meeting with City Commissioner Tony Martinez to discuss the repercussion to their habits that every year the Charros Day Parade and the attendees to the parade do to their houses, and their business.

Bee Quintana known for her hot messes on Facebook and on national TV has stated that she would be interested in representing the group of 145 crack and meth addicts that are going to meet with the Popular Mr. Martinez behind Sams Studio around  midnight to discuss new locations for the parade and festivities that will not interfere with their distributing and selling of crack cocaine and meth.  Bee Quintana and Judge Nietzsche have expressed in the valley monitor newspaper that they were interested in representing the group and talking to the mayor.

Susana "Loca" Chavez, explained to the Valley Monitor that every year thousand of fans and people dress in native Mexican folklore stomp on their grounds, park in their alleys, get drunk and high legally at Sombrero Fest, the Carnival and Downtown and with all the security hired to protect the Mayor, his wife and Mr. Amigo, they dont feel comfortable buying the drugs or just enjoying their highs near the alleys.

The meeting will also show the interesting lifestyles of druggies in Cameron County they are going to be showcasing canvases painted with feces and urine that were sprawled in heavy nights of getting high and giving blow jobs to affluent senile bloggers that cant get it up anymore. Abkill profits from the show and the meeting will go to Museo Casa del Nino of this town.

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