March 20, 2013

Brownsville Couple arrested after bloody fight outside Walmart

Tony Hernadez and his common in law wife Kaylee Green  were arrested earlier today outside Walmart Superstore located off  HWY 48. Walmart employees frantically made several 911 calls alerting authorities of a brawl in their store and letting them know that a couple were fighting with each other and that the man was beating his girlfriend with a shoe and then proceeded to run towards the rifles section and harassed an employee into letting him grab a rifle because "he feared for his life".  The brawl was caught on tape, and it was also noted that the woman grab some speakers and proceeded to beat the man until both of them took the fight to the entrance of the store.  Two Walmart employees got hurt when they tried to snatch away the shoes and electronics that the couple were using against each other.  When Brownsville PD arrived at the store the couple was still fighting, Mr. Hernandez was limping because when he was kicking his girlfriend he accidentaly kicked a shopping cart so paramedics had to be called to the scene to rule out any brokens bones.  Both Mr. Hernandez and Miss Green were in the valley due to spring break vacation and stated the fight started because Miss Green was mooning some of the shoppers at the store.

Judge Nietszche set both their bonds at 35,000 dollars and charged them with aggravating assault with a deadly weapon and to pay Walmart the sum of 6700 dollars in damages.

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