March 19, 2013

Famed singer Peter Murphy convicted to Five years due to DUI hit and Run

Famed singer Peter Murphy famous for his hits "She's in parties" and "Bela Lugosi is Dead" was arraigned and charged earlier today with two counts of aggravating assault with a motorized vehicle and DUI.  The singer that has been residing in Texas for the past ten years was scheduled to perform in various cities including Austin, Texas, Houston and Nuevo Laredo.  Promoters have cancelled the remaining of his
North American  Tour and have posted in social medias like FB and Twitter that the singer has agreed to refund all the monies from tickets already purchased and insists on his innocence claiming he was not driving the sport utility vehicle that charged among a crowd of bystanders in Austin's famous Red River district.  Twelve spring-breakers that were walking in the sidewalk were critically injured when the singers car plunged at them and proceeded to make a complete stop when it slammed into a pizzeria injuring the night manager and two waiters that were cleaning up the establishment.  Attorneys representing the singer claimed that he was not driving the automobile and that he was not under the influence of alcohol but of diazepam that a doctor in the Austin area had recently prescribed for his bouts of insomnia   Mr. Murphy attorneys want to reach a plea deal with the DA so that the singer can fulfill his sold out tour dates and not disappoint the thousands of fans that are still hoping to see him live in the next few weeks.

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