March 15, 2013

Rapper Lil Wayne on Life Support after suffering Major Seizures

Rapper Lil Wayne has been placed on life support this evening. The rapper was shooting a cameo for a new video featuring Rihanna when he succumbed to two major seizures that rendered him unconscious and provoked a cracked jaw when he fell from a sports car he was driving during the shooting of the video. Lil Wayne mother and manager released a statement that after trying unsuccessfully to revive they had decided to place him in life support while the figure out if he shows any brain activity or if his organs could be place with several individuals that are in dire need of surgery to replace vital organs. Lil Wayne had suffered several episodes earlier this year when he fainted during a concert in the Malvinas Islands but he added jokingly that his doctor had prescribed medication and to drink up to four gallons a water a daily. Lil Wayne also noted earlier this year that he has not stopped smoking marijuana and that the allegations that marijuana use actually provoked the seizures was a stupid idea without no fundament.

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