March 25, 2013

Border Patrol setting up pedestrians inspections to rule out LONESTAR recipients not to cross Groceries into Mexico

Border Patrol Agents along the Rio Grande Valley are going to be inspecting pedestrians that are seen carrying bags of groceries from local HEB's and Walmart stores into Mexico to rule out if they were purchased with the famous SNAP benefits card known as LONE STAR.

The Agents are going to be able to stop and inspect the goods and groceries purchased and demand to verify the receipt ticket, if the ticket shows that the goods were purchased with the SNAP card Border Patrol Agents will contact local authorities and Texas Health Commission Case Workers to enforce the revocation of the SNAP and Medicaid benefits in the spot and the individuals caught doing this illegal action will face up to 12,000 dollars in fines and the possibility of their residency card or visa being taken away.  Border Patrol Agents and DEA are also willing to place these individuals in the most wanted list so they dont go to other states and receive benefits that they do not clearly need because they are not even living in the county.

Mayor Tony Martinez has approved of this plan and has stated that his own family survived throughout the 60's on welfare and he thinks is ridiculous that Mexican Nationals come over to the US and rip off benefits that his family and neighbors might use in the future.

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