March 18, 2013

Bombing at Los Tomates Bridge Five reported Dead

A mass bombing in the Mexican side of the Los Tomates Bridge in Brownsville, Texas was reported today Monday at around 4:50p.m.  Five people are among the dead including one resident of Brownsville, Texas that was crossing with his family in his car when the bridge collapsed near the Mexican side in the Rio Grande River.

Rescue workers from the neighboring city of Matamoros and Brownsville PD are trying to rescue survivors that are still pinned in their cars in the Rio Grande River with tons of concrete and cement and debris.  Among the several yards of debris twelve cars have been spotted buried among the rubble with at least ten people waiting patiently by the river edge waiting for help and the rescue team to provide aid to them.

More information available tonight in Channel 4 News RGVT.

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