March 12, 2013

SPI Springbreakers report UFO sightings near LOUIES backyard

Frantic phone calls from spring breakers concerned over bright lights that were hovering near the dance floor in South Padre Island famous LOUIE'S backyard were reported this past weekend. Brownsville PD and Port Isabel PD were summoned by the owners and staff of the famous bar due to a stampede of college students in the famous bar restaurant. Staff and owners of the bar could not calm and control the thousands of college students that were attending a rave night and freaked out when they noticed several UFOs flying above them flashing beams of bright lights into their faces and bodies. Scared and disoriented spring breakers tried to leave the dance floor in a hurry prompting a stampede that injured several dozens waiters and people that were dancing in the dance floor. 911 operators had to contact the Cameron County Fire Department and Brownsville Pd for assistance in the human stampede and to render medical aid to the hundreds of injured men and women that laid out on the street screaming in pain and scared of the aliens that had terrorize them in the dance floor. Brownsville PD released a statement this Tuesday morning stating that a bad batch of Ecstasy was distributed among the patrons of the famous bar and that in fact it was the reaction of the X and alcohol that made the staff and sprinbreakers believe that UFOs were going to kidnap them when in fact the lights and UFO's were the dj's sound and lights system that send the attendants into a nervous chaos that injured several hundred people when they were trying to flee the aliens that were not..

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