March 5, 2013

Brownsville Chismeh Denies any wrongdoing with MR AMIGO Kidnapping

Brownsville Chiismeh, the famous liberal, free thinkers, and elite thinkers of Brownsville and Cameron County, have denied in their Facebook Page any involvement with the kidnapping and consequent release of famous Mexican actor Eduardo Yanez.  Eduardo Yanez was kidnapped  last weekend during charros day festival in the neighboring city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, but was successfully released on Sunday evening just in time for the Sombrero Festival so fans and the Brownsville Community did not suspect anything a midst 

Brownsville Chiizmeh Web Page has denied that the actor was ever in danger, even though they posted the news article that mysteriously disapeared from the the Brownsville Monitor.  Brownsville Monitor reporter Lobo Wolf, stated that the family pleaded with them to keep the kidnapping a secret because they feared for their loved one.  Brownsville Cheezmi released the high profile case to its tens of viewers and pandemic erupted in the small town of Brownsville, Texas.

Leader of the chiizmeh Senorito Castro has denied any involvement even though he publicly apologized on the web page for posting the story that almost got the actor in trouble with Mexican Mafia.

Mayor Tony Tormenta is not releasing the details of the ransom, the amount or where the money was dropped, the actor was able to show up refreshed and gallant at the end of Sombrero Fest Festival and acted as if nothing ever happened.

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