March 24, 2013

Sabal Texana Association to Sponsor Canoes Rides along the Rio Grande River.

The Sabal Texana Association is sponsoring free canoes rides along the Rio Grande River during the months of April through July.  Cameron County Mayor is encouraging the public to sign up for the free rides that will available to the residents of the Rio Grande Valley from 5:00 a.m. till 7:30 p.m. from Thursday till Sunday.  Cameron County PD and Border Patrol Agency have asked the public to please bring current passports or birth certificates to the registration booths that are going to be open to the public starting April 4th in all HEB's in the city of Brownsville and also The Michoacana Meat Market and Aguas Frescas Stand.

Cameron County residents that are not US citizens will not be able to participate in the activities scheduled but they are going to receive discounts tickets to tour the ancient Rabbi Plantation and take part in picking up the trash and shrubbery that surrounds the magnificent Rabbi House and adjacent areas. People riding the canoes are encouraged to BYOB and wines and are going to be able to take video and photographs of the fauna and flora located along the river.  Also available to the public participating in this great jubilee are air tubes that they are going to be able to rent for 12 dollars a ride and they can also ride with a small child or teenager for the prize of only 5 dollars.

Due to the escalating Mexican Border Violence, Brownsville PD and Border Patrol are going to be offering Kevlar vests to the participants of the rides as well as semi automatic weapons that they can use if they feel threatened by any passerby or onlooker on the Mexican side of the river, the new "Samaritan law" that is already enforced in the County that states that " if a pinche mexican or resident looks at me ugly while i am canoeing in the river, well i can pop a cap on that ass and no one will touch me" is in effect for all the public involved in this family oriented festival that Brownsville Mayor Tony Tormenta and Sabal Texana Association
offer to the great citizens of the Rio Grande Valley.

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