March 3, 2013

Eduardo Yanez Mr. Amigo 2013 Still Missing

Residents of Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros continued on with this weekend festivities at Sombreros Fest and the Carnival not caring if famous Mexican Actor Eduardo Yanez was released to the safety of his family members that charted a private airplane yesterday evening and arrived in Mcallen, Texas today around 4:30 a.m.

The son of the actor that did not want o show his face to the public and news reporters stated to the Brownsville Herald that it expects help from the American Embassy in Matamoros and the Mexican Consulate in locating his father and his kidnappers before any more days pass by.

The Mexican Embassy in Brownsville has stated that they do not know for sure if the actor was actually kidnapped because there have been sightings of Mr. Yanez in South Padre Island but that they are going to have a meeting with Mayor Tony Martines and that they going to fully cooperate with ICE agents and FBI investigators that are going to be arriving tomorrow to look closely into this kidnapping and hopefully being able to work a deal with the captors for the safe release of actor Eduardo Yanez.

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