May 6, 2013

San Benito dog saves owner from dying.

A San Benito Pooch is being hailed a hero by its owners Sergio Rodriguez and Maribel Escalante because he saved them from a certain death when he started barking in the kitchen area of their rundown trailer at Lillies RV park. A gas leak seemed to be the culprit that made the pooch nervous and alert so he started to tug and pull at the covers of Miss Escalante first and when he was not able to get her up from her self medicated sleep concoction of vodka and pain killers, he proceeded to walk to the little area between the kitchen and the sliding door to alert Mister Rodriguez that was outside necking with his neighbor in an intoxicated state. Owners of the RV park were alerted by the small chihuahua mix when both owners failed to comply to the guttural cries of the pooch and San Benito Fire Department and local sheriff were called to the premises where they concluded that the trailer had in fact a massive gas leak and that it was not in compliance with the RV park safety rules. The couple was arrested when the pooch took out a bank bag containing Xanax, Valium and klm neatly folded in packets for intent to distribute. The pooch is being hailed a hero by all the winter Texans that once a year visit the park as well as the drug enforcement department of the City of San Benito. San Benito Humane society is trying to place the pooch with a stable loving family, for more information into the adoption of Mr. Chico, please contact them at 956 789 9000.

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