May 18, 2013

San Benito Couple arrested after caught selling cocaine with children on truck.

Marisol Villegas and her boyfriend Eliseo Camara of San Benito were arrested earlier today outside the Sunrise Mall when they were caught selling narcotics in the parking lot and in front of a ten month old baby and a four year old toddler.

An anonymous tipster informed Brownsville PD that they were some unusual  activity going on with a couple that were seen selling some packets from their Ford truck with two screaming children in the back seat.  When police officers approached the vehicle the couple started to act nervously around them and eventually confessed that they were getting high in the parking lot in front of their two children.

Police was able to confiscate 900 dollars that were stashed in the babies car seat, they did not found any illegal drugs but Miss Villegas seemed incoherent and out of it and they could not give a logic explanation as to why they had that amount of money with them.

Miss Villegas mother in law proceeded to pick up the children and noted to police officers that the whole family for months now, have been concerned about their behavior and were sure they were abusing illegal drugs.

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