May 11, 2013

Local Blogger Arrested while smoking Cannabis at Central Library

Local Blogger and staunch supporter of local political candidate Sarquis was arrested while smoking a joint outside the local library located on Central Ave.

Staff librarians as well as over five voters that were casting their ballots notice the strong smell of cannabis coming out of a parked car where a well known blogger sat with his laptop and was noted as "furiously screaming and typing while smoking from a dark cigarette .  When staff from the library and the voting polls repeatedly made attempts to make him stop the cigarette and calm him down, the local blogger stepped out of his FSF and told them off while he casually got out and used the men's restroom for over twenty five minutes.

Police officers finally gave chase to the suspect when he started running in his lightly colored Nike air Jordan's and they placed him under arrest while he was buying some Jerry Garcia chocolate ice cream madness in the nearby STRIPES.

Police officers called to the scene confiscated his laptop, video camera, two journals and also erased the latest blog that he already finished and that mentioned that the local police department is under tony torment a payroll.

Police officers also confiscated 5 tablets of klonapan and two tablets of roofies as well as 3 oz of weed from the suspects vehicle.

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