May 14, 2013

Lead singer of LA MAFIA on life support following altercation over the weekend.

The lead singer of Texano band La Mafia was placed on life support when doctors discovered a small hemorrhage in his brain and swelling around the spinal chord.  The singer was immediately administered powerful sedatives to keep him in a coma state to minimize the risk of a cerebral stroke or any other major handicap that he might suffer while they stabilize him.

Houston PD was able to give more details to the news press and is investigating why the singer was assaulted so vigorously when he was leaving a popular Houston nightclub with several of his male friends, including his stylist, Roberto Gutierrez that also suffered lacerations to his lips and navel and his biographer Nikola Aldrete that also suffered a broken nose.  Both Aldrete and Gutierrez have staunchly denied any involvement in the aggression and are not cooperating with the police stating they "are overwhelmed with the media attention to their persona"  this negative has raised suspicions that Gutierrez is in fact life partner of the famous singer.

For years the rumor that the singer of la mafia is gay has been just that a rumor  but with this aggressive assault and the lack of cooperation of his male entourage with detectives, the public is making up their own conclusions. No description yet of the main suspect in this fight, although patrons of the bar noted that the singer was trying to kiss him or cuddle him and that when things started to get heated between the singer and the attacker, the  management of the nightclub threw the suspect out on the street and minutes later the singer Oscar de la Rocha and his group of close friends exited too, provoking the violent encounter that injured two persons and left the singer in critical condition.

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