May 4, 2013

free space in brownsville random thoughts about this place i love

It's a free place and I no longer feel oppressed. There is work to do but you can aways take a rest. There is always tomorrow if you're feeling a little stressed. That is I'm assuming it's my off day.

When I first got here I remember learning again to run. I mean somehow I felt bigger. They say if you put a fish into a bigger fish tank the fish will grow bigger so maybe it's something like that.

You may have some say that my music playing sucks. But to me it sounds okay.

It took me a while to get used to this culture. For instance here it's perfectly acceptable to cut in line in fact I do it now all the time. Also you need to learn to look the other way. Did you see something that looked wrong? Well it's better not to say.

The weather? A soothing ocean breeze rolls and randomly and kisses the tall trees. Also there is a very hot sun we all love it but it really can torch soft skin.

Every other house sells drugs so that's here if you like that type of fun.

A lesson was learned one day when found something at the flea market in a box I really wanted and when I got it in my hand at the same time as someone else the lady quickly snatched it away oh damn that lady but from that day you could say that I learned something. So you got grab and growl. That's always a laugh. Most people smile and laugh when the guy is growling and acting funny. Then you count the money. Then you fuck your hunny.

Anyway this is just been a few random thoughts on the place i love and hope always to stay. P.S. I love you Rosa and i hope you know it's true. This life the kids and you its the best that i could ever hoped to do. My piano playing on the video reflex the the peaceful feeling you helped me reach.

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