May 13, 2013

Pendejos and Politiqueras wanted in Lyvet, Texas

The city if Lyvet, Texas is getting ready already for next years elections by hiring Politiqueras from the city of Browsnville, Texas located in cameron county, they are hoping that the Politiqueras will help them recruit pendejos, disabled people and voters to their polls next year.  Lyvet, Texas saw an election won by only one vote this past weekend and is in talks with famous Politiquera Miss Ozuna that resides in the city of Matamoros,Mexico for her visit their city next year and be part of their county payroll.

Politiqueras are well known in cameron county, they gather people that are too stupid or feeble to think for themselves and they drive them to the campaigns and make them vote for the candidate that can pay them the maximum fee of ten dollars for each signature as well as free vouchers to eat at local taquerias and shines restaurants across Texas.

Local bloggers from Brownsville that despised Politiqueras are also give free vouchers for food and drink but they really did not want the DA office to find out now that famous Politiquera Ozuna is under house arrest.

The city if Lyvet, Texas is planing on paying each Politiquera a fee of 500 dollars with a onus of two dollars for every simpleton or pendejos they can get to go and vote in their next elections also free food and board.

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