May 16, 2013

Brownsville Couple arrested after 6 year old son was caught bottle feeding infant.

There are some parents that lock their children in their room while they go to the bar, or leave them in their car while they enjoy going out but a Texan couple is being prosecuted today on child endangerment and negligent charges after video of their six year old son bottle-feeding his 3 month old sister aired in Ryan Wolfs "Dirty Kitchens" web special.

Julian Cuellar, 32 and his common-law wife, Rosario Castellanos, 21 of Brownsville, Texas were arrested yesterday after police saw a video of their son feeding the infant in a well known daycare in the Morning side area.  CPS workers were called by concerned viewers that noticed the little boy feeding the baby while watching famous Ryan Wolf viral and sensational videos were he brings out from the gutter, dirty dinners, restaurants and now day care facilities so that the public and citizens of the Cameron County area should know what places are not following healthy protocols and for the viewers to be aware if any changes were made to their kitchens and buildings in general.

The couple have insisted that his little son is actually mature for his age and that they were not aware of this new Texas law that punishes severely the parents or caretakers of any child under the age of 18 that is caught either attending to a minor child, feeding him or playing with him in the yard.

The day care manager Elisa Perez has stated to Channel Four News that they were not aware that the child was feeding his sibling and that they don't know how the child got access to the bottles or formula used in the feedings.

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