May 8, 2013

Two nephews implied in the murder of singer Chuy Quintanilla

Two nephews of deceased singer Chuy Quintanilla have come forward and confessed to authorities about their involvement in the kidnapping and killing of their famous uncle Chuy Quintanilla whose body was found outside an orchard in the neighboring town of Mission, Texas.

Chuy Quintanilla widely known singer and brother of Beto Quintanilla was found murdered inside his SUV two weeks ago around the same time family members contacted authorities claiming his famous uncle had dissapeared two males had been contacting their family stating that they had kidnapped the singer and were going to return him to his loved ones after the ransom was paid off.  That never happened, because in early hours of the morning, field workers found his mutilated body slumped in a pool of blood near Mission, Texas.

The two nephews whose identity is not being released at the time confessed to the authorities that they needed money for drugs and for partying that weekend, that they intercepted their loved uncle outside an IBC bank and explained that they owed money to some drug dealers of the City of Reynosa and that they needed 2,000 dollars to paid them off because they were sure they were going to get killed.  They also stated to the police that the singer gave them the money and drove them to the orchard to pay off the drug dealers.  The singer right away noticed he was being fooled by his own nephews and proceed to drive off with the money when one of the nephews told him he needed more money and that if he did not give it to him he was going to get shot.  Surveillance video shows the singer with the same two men returning to use the ATM at the same IBC location before speeding off the parking lot.

The nephews only wanted to scare their uncle but they panicked and shot him dead.  They mutilated the body in a way so that the police and family members would think that their famous uncle was in fact killed by  drug dealers.  The two brothers panicked when detectives told the family that they were certain that they could ID the suspects of the video and decided to confess to the accidental killing of famous singer Chuy Quintanilla.

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