May 16, 2013

Port Isabel Grandparents arrested after leaving their grandson in hot truck to go out drinking.

Port Isabel PD arrested 69 year old Douglas Carter and 73 year old Tameka Carter  earlier today when management of  "Padre Bar" noticed the couple had left their 2 year old grandson, Brandon Parker, alone in the back seat of their F150.  When management noticed the child crying hysterically in the truck they quickly told the couple to leave the premises and to go and assist the toddler.  Police was called when after 3 hours of pleading with the couple the small child appeared to have passed out in the back seat of the truck.

The couple was cited for public intoxication and for not rendering aid to the child and were released on a 250 dollars bond awaiting a trial date for next month.  Both Mister Carter and his wife Tameka explained to the officers that they always go out to have some drinks and that they leave the toddler in the car because he doesn't like social places.  The child has no know relatives in the area and was placed under the protective care of Cameron County Child Protective Services for a period of several hours before being released to the pair of negligent abusive grandparents.

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