May 10, 2013

Facebook to implement "Cheaters" App

Facebook is going to implement an app that let the significant others of the users to find out if their partner is sex ting  sending explicit chats or messages to someone in their friend list.  This app will only work if the user is in "a relationship" or "married" it will not work if the users are "engaged", "Its complicated", or "divorced".  As soon as the user starts sending inappropriate messages to a member of the opposite sex and if that person is a mutual friend of his or her partner, Facebook will send a notification message to the user responsible of the messages as well as the receiver giving them 24 hours to delete the messages or the user from their friend list.  If the user is caught still sending the inappropriate messages it will charged 1.00 dollar to their cell phone or internet plan as Timer Warner Cable and AT & T agencies have agreed with this new and are under contract with Facebook to help them contact and charge the users for their indiscretion online.

This app is in response to a new surveys that blames 65% percent of the divorce rate in America stating the the availability to cheat on Facebook is easy and not complicated.  Facebook wants to bring back more users and offer new safe ways of browsing the web while keeping the users that are in relationships satisfied and at bay without cheating or sending sexual filled messages using their chats and messaging.

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