June 26, 2012

Channel Four News: " We did not lie to the Lower Rio Grande Valley about Morissey Concert"!

In a news bulletin Channel Four News denies allegations that they mislead the Lower Rio Grande Valley promoting in their web page that famed The Smiths singer "Morrissey" was coming to the Pharr Arena Event Center this coming November 30th.  Channel Four News expressed in social media Facebook and their Webpage the following quote: " We express sincere regret to the fans that thought that Morrissey was coming to the valley, but in reality, we never mislead the public with promotion of the concert in our webpage, we always stated it was an impersonator.  We hope the public does not get discouraged with this situation and still enjoys the concert and the summer shows showing at the Pharr Arena Events Center".

Fans of Morrissey have taken to social outlets like Facebook and Twitter announcing disbelief and outrage at the misleading of this event. Thousands of fans are still holding unto their tickets and hopeful the event on November 30th wont be a scam.As for now, ticketmaster is not denying or confirming the story, the tickets are still on sale, but you can get a complete refund only in the first 72 hours.  Fans of Morrissey of the Lower Rio Grande Valley are ectastic with the news that he will be able to play in their little town, and they dont care if in the end, its an impersonator or a cover band, for them to listen to hits like "Girlfriend in a Coma" or " Let Me Kiss You" is worth the cover charge of $68.99.

If we will it, he will come...

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