June 5, 2012

Hey! Lets Fuck Up Brownsville a little bit more organizing Mock Latin Jazz Shit! brought to you by fake realtors and wannabe crooks!

Not only do we have to worry about con artists and Space X hicks trying to  ruin our town, now we have to sit back and admire how realtors and low class wannabe artists little by little take down and shut down native Brownsville old cumbia and tejano bars of the downtown area.  The most recent little dark bar to be put under the radar is the all time favorite " La Movida" where you can sit and relax, gulp down a lone star and watch old and older couples dance the cumbias and huapangos close to each other, cheek to cheek with no inhibitions, just memories of old Brownsville and the way people use to listen and enjoy every corrido, zapateado and kiss on the neck.

The latest fiasco to inundate downtown is the so called " Latin Jazz Festivals" that together with "Mock Market Days" are made more for the uptight class of Brownsville, yes, the citizens that have never lived in the gutter, wandered naked and drunk on skid row and mistakenly organize and proclaimed that latin jazz is the " music of the region, the art, the culture, the flavor of Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley", well what a bunch of FUCKED UP IGNORANT PRICKS.
What does Latin Jazz has to do with Brownsville? Is it not originally derived from African and Brazilian beats?  I don't see a bunch of Cubans or African Americans playing the Latin jazz and making people dance with joy. Tito Puente said it better: "Its Jazz with a Latin twist!. Yep, we are Latin, heck we are Hispanics, but what does Jazz with Latin beats that originally has and had more following on 5th Avenue has to do with our cumbias, our huapangos, our corridos?? Zero, Zilch, Nada!

Now, cumbias developed mostly in South America, and the Spaniards also were able to propagate this type of sound that eventually was embraced by Mexico and close to the South of the Border, hence also Brownsville.  Downtown Brownsville lights up at night with old bars filled with men and women that still belch out the songs of the past, and these musicians, with all their troubles are still trying to leave a legacy and teach the young people the way of the accordion, the bajo sexto, how you can sing with "lagrima en la garganta" or sentiment in your throat when you sing and hear the songs about failed relationships, women that treated their men badly and alcohol to ease the pain, bring hearts together and soothe wounds.

Crooks, wannabe politicians, realtors that really don't care about our town, and the upright and uptight of Brownsville already are destroying the old bars and stages where these men with their flashy vests and old accordions so much loved to be heard.  Recently, a well known bar burned to the ground, and after that, mobilization of shutting down la movida and out of the blue "stop work orders" on new venues where mysteriously plastered on the walls of new bars that will never be open to the public and old bars that lease old historic buildings that the greedy want to shut down..

but no fear my friends, you can still enjoy a $1.50 lone star at the "New Frontera" by Washington Street where the men and their vests and old cumbias and huapangos will take you back to the good old feeling of our heritage, the days when your grandparents went out and enjoyed dancing close to each other, now all that is left is to have a little faith that all those fuck ups will try and steal money from the Church or the Last Call Bar... Protect our downtown and let it be as it is...

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