June 23, 2012

Local Brownsville Folk that embrace Rocket launches Protest Medical Marijuana Shop opening in Town next month!

Brownsville has given the go ahead in opening two medical and synthetic marijuana shops by the end of the month near old port Isabel road.  The shops will be open to the public 24/7 and lucky raffle winners are already being contacted with the information as to where to pick up their medical id's.  Cameron County has given the okay on the project amidst protesters that state that teenagers and people receiving medicaid and lone star benefits are the first in the list of getting their medical ids bracelets that will help them obtain legally the drug for medical purposes.

 The same 132 protesters that embrace Space X into coming to boca chica beach to blast off fauna and local habitat are now picketing local bars and car washes of famous cameron county employees, damaging  BMW's  and local tortilla stands, trying to get the city commissioner to stop construction on the medical shop and approve arrest warrants on more than the 2.000 lucky applicants that in the month of July will be able to get some marijuana and get high.

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