June 23, 2012

RGIS employee suing company, demanding sexual therapy as part of their insurance coverage.

RGIS employees in the lower Rio Grande Valley are meeting with RGIS executives managers on Tuesday regarding that they want for the company to include sexual therapists in their lists of medical providers stating that working long odd hours, crammed tours on vans and buses and hectic work schedules are interrupting their sexual needs and in some cases their sexual drives with their partners. All this comes as no news for fellow RGIS employees that reside in Cameron County, in the past year that have participated in a local research study that proves that RGIS company policies, schedule and procedures are affecting the sexual health and mental stability of male workers ranging in the ages of 22 to 45 years old. Twelve participants volunteered for the study that spawn over twelve months and included their sexual partners and the study showed that ten out of the twelve participants could not keep a relationship for more than a few months, five out of those ten participants fondled their patners in their sleep and counted out loud their body parts while they touched their thighs and counted out loud numbers and codes for imaginary inventories. The rest of the participants showed discontent when shoved in crammed vans and displayed vulgar tantrums while their partners complained of low sex drive or just interest in " quickies". RGIS executives listened intently to their employees complaints and requests while Mr. Phil Lookomotion calmly walked away from the discussion, took a trash can and a notepad and with calm voice announced to the employees and Human Resources Committee to write down all the complaints, calmly fold the sheets of paper and then deposit them to the trash can where later on as he dines at Tony Roma's he would read them and use them to clean the grease and barbeque sauce from his bony fingers. No word yet if the steak was rare or well done.

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